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IMAP or POP settings

If your email client doesn't support Microsoft Exchange®, you can still set up Office 365 using IMAP or POP. Since this negates all the value of having an Exchange email account, we don't recommend this. But it can be done, if you need.

You'll need to first locate your email settings, and then use them with your email client.

  1. In your Office 365 account, click Dashboard.
  2. Click Launch Office 365 Launch Office 365.
  3. Log in with your Office 365 email address and password.
  4. Click Mail Mail.
  5. In the upper right corner, click Settings cog (Settings).
  6. Select Options.
  7. On the left sidebar, under Accounts, click POP and IMAP. Your POP and IMAP settings are displayed on the page.
    Under Accounts, click POP and IMAP

Note: We recommend using the IMAP server listed. IMAP offers better email synchronization across multiple devices and accounts.

Now that you have your server settings, you can use them to set up your email client or device.

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